Diaspora Collaboration


As Zimbabweans, it has always been our culture to look after our families and give back to the communities from which we came from. Investing back home has never been made easier. An opportunity has arisen for Zimbabweans to invest in projects that not only provide provision for their families, but projects that can turn into successful ventures which can be recognised nation-wide. The diaspora can now invest back home through iProtector, without fear of their investments being abused. It is the responsibility of every Zimbabwean for Zimbabwe to ARISE AND SHINE!

Even if you are seeking to make donations to fund projects within your childhood community, iProtector is there assist you to do that through community investing funds. Even with the prevailing challenges in global economies, the diaspora can now find ways to engage in building Zimbabwe for the heritage of future generations. We believe your investment efforts can go a long way in restoring the economic glory of our motherland, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a land of vast opportunities and we as iProtector are seeking to unlock its maximum potential. To receive updates of such developments in Zimbabwe please subscribe to our newsletter.

iProtector focuses mainly on 6 key investment sectors:

  • Agribusiness
  • Mining
  • Energy & Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Health
Wherever you are, home-based investments are the safest – Elvis Chakwizira

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