High potential investment projects or businesses are sometimes resource constrained. Though these investments may provide positive social and environmental impact, they fail to take off or even expand their operations. This is where iProtector steps in, to assist those with such projects.

iProtector is actively seeking investment opportunities in mainly 6 key sectors:

  • Agribusiness
  • Mining
  • Energy & Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Health

iProtector takes a SMART approach to help investees to incorporate environmental impacts, social impacts and governance practices (ESG) criteria into their investment projects, in order to connect them to socially responsible investors. If you are an investee with projects that consider ESG criteria then capital, equipment and/or skills limitations can become history for you.

As an investee you might be interested in;

  • Partnering with an investor to efficiently and productively exploit under-utilised resources, such as farmland, mines and production facilities;
  • Receiving venture capital for innovative/green projects;
  • Creating a sustainable value chain for your produce;
  • Receiving loan-financing or grant-financing for investment projects that assist poor or under-served communities;
  • Incorporating ESG criteria in order to attract sustainable investing;
  • Resuscitating a viable production facility that will increase exports; and
  • Establishing markets outside of the country.

It is important for investees to provide as much information as possible to attract potential investors, so that investors can understand the nature of the investee’s business or project. Sustainable and impact investors are simply looking for proof that clearly shows the social, environmental and financial returns after they have committed their investments.

As iProtector we can also help you incorporate ESG criteria in your investment projects for presentation to a wide range of selected investors. To register as an investee under iProtector please click here. You will get an amazing opportunity to showcase your investment opportunities both locally and globally.

Transparency is the key to unlocking investor confidence – Elvis Chakwizira
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