We are looking for sustainable investors in mainly 6 key sectors:

  • Agribusiness
  • Mining
  • Energy & Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Health

Zimbabwe has vast untapped or under-utilised resources, which can potentially benefit investors and the Zimbabwean community. iProtector identifies investment opportunities for sustainable investing. Under our investment models, iProtector uses environmental impact, social impact and governance practices as the standard criteria for selecting investment projects and businesses.

As a SRI investor you might be interested in;

  • Establishing nuclei investments in order to encourage value chain;
  • Exploring investment partnerships in under-utilised farmlands;
  • Community investing through community development banks, provision of micro-loans, municipal bonds, real estate and other investment vehicles;
  • Introducing modern and efficient greentech in resource extraction industries;
  • Providing venture capital for innovative projects;
  • Expanding your business(es) by accessing markets in Zimbabwe;
  • Running pilot investment projects, before applying full resources into the projects; and
  • Closely assessing and monitoring how your investment funds are being used.

Research has show a strong and positive link between ESG criteria and financial performance. This significantly minimizes the risk of losing your investment, and increases the potential for long-term sustainable positive returns.

Our professional services assist both local and foreign investors to achieve their investment objectives. Investors can register with us in order to partner iProtector and keep posted with the latest updates from the investment sector of their choice.

Investors are encouraged to use pilot investments before fully engaging in their trade industry. iProtector is lobbying with relevant authorities for incentives for socially responsible investors. We thrive to facilitate partnerships between investors and their investees that are anchored on trust and transparency.
A wise investor connects with the right partners – Elvis Chakwizira
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