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The list of links below assists both local and foreign investors, including the diaspora to get the necessary information they need to know on all procedures to invest in Zimbabwe, applying for investment licences, registration of the various tax heads and fiscal incentives, work and residence permits, indigenisation clearance, environmental management certification, acquisition of land and shop licences, acquisition of mining title and other operational permits.

Zimbabwe Investment Authority – (Investor Services)
  • Enquiry on Investment in Zimbabwe
  • Processing of applications, renewals and amendments of Investment Licences
  • Provision of aftercare services
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Department of Deeds, Companies and Intellectual Property
  • Online name search
  • Assistance with the company registration process
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Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment – NIEEB (in full)
  • Assistance with information and on
  • Processing of indigenisation compliance applications
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Department of Immigration Control
  • Enquiries on Visa’s, Residence and work permits
  • Facilitation of processing of residence and work permits (new and renewals) and visas
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Zimbabwe Revenue Authority
  • Tax and Customs enquiries
  • Facilitation of registration for the various tax heads, tax clearance, accessing incentives, importation of capital goods and other requirements
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Ministry of Mines and Mining Development
  • Enquiries on Investment into mining
  • Facilitation of issuance of mining title and other permits
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Environmental Management Agency

  • Enquiry on EIAs (process and costs)
  • Facilitation in acquisitions of environmental compliance approvals for relevant sectors e.g. EIA for the emission, storage and disposal of harmful substances, environmental impact assessment process.
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National Social Security Authority
  • Enquiries on social security registration
  • Assistance with queries and processing of applications pertaining to registration for and provision of social security services.
  • Verification of claims and details
  • Factory inspection
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Ministry of Local Government
  • Assistance with queries and the processing of applications pertaining to registration with local authorities and the obtaining of land and utilities
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